Source code for latch.registry.types

from dataclasses import dataclass
from datetime import date, datetime
from enum import Enum
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Generic, List, Literal, Tuple, Type, TypeVar, Union

from typing_extensions import TypeAlias

from latch.registry.record import Record
from latch.registry.upstream_types.types import DBType
from latch.registry.upstream_types.values import EmptyCell
from import LatchDir
from latch.types.file import LatchFile

        from enum import StrEnum
    except ImportError:

        class StrEnum(str, Enum): ...


    class StrEnum(str, Enum): ...

[docs]@dataclass(frozen=True) class InvalidValue: """Registry :class:`Record` value that failed validation.""" raw_value: str """User-provided string representation of the invalid value. May be `""` (the empty string) if the value is missing but the column is required. """
RegistryPrimitivePythonValue: TypeAlias = Union[ str, datetime, date, int, float, LatchFile, LatchDir, None, bool, ] RegistryPythonValue: TypeAlias = Union[ RegistryPrimitivePythonValue, Record, List["RegistryPythonValue"], ] RecordValue: TypeAlias = Union[RegistryPythonValue, EmptyCell, InvalidValue]
[docs]@dataclass(frozen=True) class Column: """Registry :class:`Table` column definition. :meth:`Table.get_columns` is the typical way to get a :class:`Column`. """ key: str """Unique identifier within the table. Not globally unique.""" type: Union[Type[RegistryPythonValue], Type[Union[RegistryPythonValue, EmptyCell]]] """Python equivalent of the stored column type.""" # fixme(maximsmol): deal with defaults # default: Union[RegistryPythonValue, EmptyCell] upstream_type: DBType """Raw column type. Used to convert between Python values and Registry values. """
RegistryEnumDefinitionArg = TypeVar("RegistryEnumDefinitionArg", bound=Tuple[str, ...])
[docs]class RegistryEnumDefinition(Generic[RegistryEnumDefinitionArg]): def __new__(cls, *values: str): return RegistryEnumDefinition[Tuple[tuple(Literal[v] for v in values)]]
LinkedRecordTypeArg = TypeVar("LinkedRecordTypeArg", bound=str)
[docs]class LinkedRecordType(Generic[LinkedRecordTypeArg]): def __new__(cls, id: str): return LinkedRecordType[Literal[id]]
RegistryPrimitivePythonType: TypeAlias = Union[ Type[str], Type[int], Type[float], Type[date], Type[datetime], Type[bool], Type[LatchFile], Type[LatchDir], Type[StrEnum], Type[RegistryEnumDefinition], Type[LinkedRecordType], ] RegistryPythonType: TypeAlias = Union[ RegistryPrimitivePythonType, Type[List[LatchFile]], Type[List[LatchDir]], Type[List[LinkedRecordType]], ]