Source code for latch.resources.conditional

from flytekit.core.condition import ConditionalSection, conditional

[docs]def create_conditional_section(name: str) -> ConditionalSection: """ This method creates a new conditional section in a workflow, allowing a user to conditionally execute a task based on the value of a task result. Conditional sections are akin to ternary operators -- they return the output of the branch result. However, they can be n-ary with as many _elif_ clauses as desired. It is possible to consume the outputs from conditional nodes. And to pass in outputs from other tasks to conditional nodes. The boolean expressions in the condition use `&` and `|` as and / or operators. Additionally, unary expressions are not allowed. Thus if a task returns a boolean and we wish to use it in a condition of a conditional block, we must use built in truth checks: `result.is_true()` or `result.is_false()` Args: name: The name of the conditional section, to be shown in Latch Console Returns: A conditional section Intended Use: :: @workflow def multiplier(my_input: float) -> float: result_1 = double(n=my_input) result_2 = ( create_conditional_section("fractions") .if_((result_1 < 0.0)).then(double(n=result_1)) .elif_((result_1 > 0.0)).then(square(n=result_1)) .else_().fail("Only nonzero values allowed") ) result_3 = double(n=result_2) return result_3 """ return conditional(name)