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from latch_sdk_config.latch import config

import latch_cli.tinyrequests as tinyrequests
from latch_cli.utils import _normalize_remote_path, current_workspace, retrieve_or_login

[docs]def mkdir(remote_directory): """Creates an empty directory on Latch Args: remote_directory: A valid path to a remote destination, of the form [latch://] [/] dir_1/dir_2/.../dir_n/dir_name, where dir_name is the name of the new directory to be created. Every directory in the path (dir_i) must already exist. This function will create a directory at the specified path in Latch. Will error if the path is invalid or if an upstream directory does not exist. If a directory with the same name already exists, this will make a new directory with an indexed name (see below). Example: :: mkdir("sample") # sample doesn't already exist Creates a new empty directory visible in Latch Console called sample, located in the root of the user's Latch filesystem mkdir("latch:///dir1/dir2/sample") # dir1/dir2/sample already exists Creates a new directory visible in Latch Console called "sample\ 1" (note the escaped space), located in the nested directory dir1/dir2/. mkdir("/dir1/doesnt_exist/dir2/sample.txt") # doesnt_exist doesn't exist Will throw an error, as this operation tries to create a directory inside of a directory that doesn't exist. """ token = retrieve_or_login() remote_directory = _normalize_remote_path(remote_directory) headers = {"Authorization": f"Bearer {token}"} data = {"directory": remote_directory, "ws_account_id": current_workspace()} response =, headers=headers, json=data) json_data = response.json() if not json_data["success"]: raise ValueError(json_data["error"]["data"]["message"])