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"""Service to get workflows. """

from typing import List, Optional, Tuple, Union

import requests
from latch_sdk_config.latch import config

from latch_cli.utils import current_workspace, retrieve_or_login

# TODO(ayush): rewrite this to look/be better
[docs]def get_wf(wf_name: Optional[str] = None): """Get a list of a workflow's versions. This will allow users to list all owned workflows by default. Optionally, a user can provide a workflow name (unique with respect to a user) to list all versions of the specific workflow. Args: wf_name: The name of the workflow. Example: >>> get_wf("wf.__init__.alphafold_wf") ID Name Version 61858 wf.__init__.alphafold_wf v2.1.0+14 67261 wf.__init__.alphafold_wf v2.2.3+0 67317 wf.__init__.alphafold_wf v2.2.3+14 67341 wf.__init__.alphafold_wf v2.2.3+19 67408 wf.__init__.alphafold_wf v2.2.3+40 ... """ token = retrieve_or_login() return _list_workflow_request(token, wf_name)
def _list_workflow_request( token: str, wf_name: Union[None, str] ) -> List[List[Tuple[str, str, str]]]: """Fetch a list of workflows, potentially by name.""" headers = { "Authorization": f"Bearer {token}", } data = { "workflow_name": wf_name, "ws_account_id": current_workspace(), } url = config.api.workflow.list response =, headers=headers, json=data) wf_interface_resp = response.json() return wf_interface_resp.get("wfs", [])