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"""Service to list files in a remote directory."""

from dataclasses import dataclass
from datetime import datetime
from textwrap import dedent
from typing import List, Optional, TypedDict

import click
import dateutil.parser as dp
import gql
from latch_sdk_gql.execute import execute

from latch_cli.click_utils import bold
from import LDataNodeType
from latch_cli.utils import with_si_suffix
from latch_cli.utils.path import normalize_path

class _LdataObjectMeta(TypedDict):
    modifyTime: Optional[str]
    contentSize: Optional[int]

class _Child(TypedDict):
    name: str
    ldataObjectMeta: Optional[_LdataObjectMeta]
    type: str

class _Node(TypedDict):
    child: _Child

class _ChildLdataTreeEdges(TypedDict):
    nodes: List[_Node]

class _FinalLinkTarget(TypedDict):
    childLdataTreeEdges: _ChildLdataTreeEdges

class _LdataResolvePathData(TypedDict):
    name: str
    type: str
    ldataObjectMeta: Optional[_LdataObjectMeta]
    finalLinkTarget: _FinalLinkTarget

class _Row:
    name: str
    type: LDataNodeType
    size: Optional[int]
    modify_time: Optional[datetime]

[docs]def ls(path: str, *, group_directories_first: bool = False): """Lists the children of a remote directory in Latch. Args: path: A valid remote path group_directories_first: Option to display directories/links before objects This function will list all of the entites under the remote directory specified in the path `path`. Will error if the path is invalid or the directory doesn't exist. Examples: >>> ls("") # Lists all entities in the user's root directory >>> ls("latch:///dir1/dir2/dir_name") # Lists all entities inside dir1/dir2/dir_name """ if path == "": path = "/" normalized_path = normalize_path(path, assume_remote=True) query = execute( gql.gql(""" query LdataInfo ($argPath: String!) { accountInfoCurrent { id } ldataResolvePathData(argPath: $argPath) { name ldataObjectMeta { modifyTime contentSize } type finalLinkTarget { childLdataTreeEdges(filter: { child: { removed: { equalTo: false }, pending: { equalTo: false } } }) { nodes { child { name ldataObjectMeta { modifyTime contentSize } type } } } } } } """), {"argPath": normalized_path}, ) res: Optional[_LdataResolvePathData] = query["ldataResolvePathData"] acc_id: str = query["accountInfoCurrent"]["id"] if res is None: click.secho( dedent(f""" {bold(path)}: no such file or directory. {bold("Check that:")} 1. The target directory exists, 2. Account {bold(acc_id)} has permissions to view the target directory, and 3. The correct workspace is selected. For privacy reasons, non-viewable objects and non-existent objects are indistinguishable. """).strip("\n"), fg="red", ) return nodes = res["finalLinkTarget"]["childLdataTreeEdges"]["nodes"] if LDataNodeType(res["type"].lower()) == LDataNodeType.obj: # ls object should just display the object's info nodes.append({"child": res}) rows: List[_Row] = [] for node in nodes: child = node["child"] meta = child["ldataObjectMeta"] size = modify_time = None if meta is not None: if meta["contentSize"] is not None: size = int(meta["contentSize"]) if meta["modifyTime"] is not None: modify_time = dp.isoparse(meta["modifyTime"]) rows.append( _Row( name=child["name"], type=LDataNodeType(child["type"].lower()), size=size, modify_time=modify_time, ) ) rows.sort(key=lambda row: if group_directories_first: rows.sort(key=lambda row: 1 if row.type == LDataNodeType.obj else 0) headers = [ " " +"Size", underline=True),"Date Modified", underline=True),"Name", underline=True), ] click.echo(" ".join(headers)) for row in rows: mt_str = f'{"-": <13}' size_str = f'{"-": >6}' if row.type == LDataNodeType.obj: if row.modify_time is not None: mt_str = f'{row.modify_time.strftime("%d %b %H:%M"): <13}', fg="blue" ) if row.size is not None: size_str = with_si_suffix(row.size, suffix="") size_str ="{size_str: >6}", fg="bright_green") name_str = if len(name_str) > 50: name_str = f"{name_str[:47]}..." if row.type != LDataNodeType.obj: color = "bright_blue" if row.type == color = "bright_magenta" name_str ="{name_str}/", bold=True, fg=color) click.echo(f"{size_str} {mt_str} {name_str}")