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import webbrowser

import requests
from latch_sdk_config.latch import config

from latch_cli.utils import _normalize_remote_path, current_workspace, retrieve_or_login

[docs]def open_file(remote_file: str): """Opens a console URL in the browser corresponding to a remote path This function will open the specified file in console on the user's browser. It will error if the path is invalid, the file doesn't exist, or if the path points to a directory. Args: remote_file: A valid path to a remote destination, of the form ``[latch://] [/] dir_1/dir_2/.../dir_n/filename``, where filename is the name of a file. Examples: >>> open("sample.txt") # sample.txt exists # Opens the file sample.txt in the user's browser. >>> open("latch:///dir1/dne/sample.txt") # dne does not exist # Will throw an error, as we cannot open a file that does not exist. >>> open("/dir1/dir2") # dir1/dir2 is a directory Will throw an error, as this operation tries to open a directory """ token = retrieve_or_login() remote_file = _normalize_remote_path(remote_file) url = headers = {"Authorization": f"Bearer {token}"} data = {"filename": remote_file, "ws_account_id": current_workspace()} response =, headers=headers, json=data) try: json_data = response.json() node_id = json_data["id"] open_url = f"{config.console_url}/data/{node_id}" except: raise ValueError( "Either specified file does not exist or you are trying to open a" " directory." )