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from typing import List, TypedDict

import click
from latch_sdk_config.user import user_config

from latch.utils import current_workspace, get_workspaces
from latch_cli.menus import SelectOption, select_tui

[docs]class WSInfo(TypedDict): workspace_id: str name: str
[docs]def workspace(): """Opens a terminal user interface in which a user can select the workspace the want to switch to. Like `get_executions`, this function should only be called from the CLI. """ data = get_workspaces() old_id = current_workspace() selected_marker = "\x1b[3m\x1b[2m (currently selected) \x1b[22m\x1b[23m" options: List[SelectOption[WSInfo]] = [] for id, name in sorted( data.items(), key=lambda x: "" if x[1] == "Personal Workspace" else x[0] ): display_name = name if id == old_id: display_name = f"{name}{selected_marker}" options.append( { "display_name": display_name, "value": { "workspace_id": id, "name": name, }, } ) selected_option = select_tui( title="Select Workspace", options=options, clear_terminal=False, ) if selected_option is None: return user_config.update_workspace(**selected_option) if old_id != selected_option["workspace_id"]: click.secho( f"Successfully switched to context {selected_option['name']}", fg="green" ) else: click.secho(f"Already in context {selected_option['name']}.", fg="green")