Source code for latch_cli.workflow_config

import json
from dataclasses import asdict, dataclass
from datetime import datetime
from enum import Enum
from pathlib import Path

from pkg_resources import get_distribution

from latch_cli.constants import latch_constants

[docs]class BaseImageOptions(str, Enum): default = "default" cuda = "cuda" opencl = "opencl"
[docs]@dataclass(frozen=True) class LatchWorkflowConfig: """Configuration for a Latch workflow.""" latch_version: str """Version of the Latch SDK used to initialize the workflow""" base_image: str """Exact version of the included workflow base image""" date: str """Timestamp of the `latch init` call"""
[docs]def create_and_write_config( pkg_root: Path, base_image_type: BaseImageOptions = BaseImageOptions.default ): base_image = latch_constants.base_image if base_image_type != BaseImageOptions.default: base_image = base_image.replace( "latch-base", f"latch-base-{}" ) config = LatchWorkflowConfig( latch_version=get_distribution("latch").version, base_image=base_image,, ) (pkg_root / ".latch").mkdir(exist_ok=True) with (pkg_root / latch_constants.pkg_config).open("w") as f: f.write(json.dumps(asdict(config)))