Task executions produce logs, displayed on the Latch console to provide users visibility into their workflows. However, these logs tend to be terribly verbose. It’s tedious to sift through piles of logs looking for useful signals; instead, important information, warnings, and errors should be prominently displayed. This is accomplished through the Latch SDK’s new messaging feature.

from latch import small_task
from latch.functions.messages import message

def task():


    catch ValueError:
        title = 'Invalid sample ID column selected'
        body = 'Your file indicates that sample columns a, b are valid'
        message(typ='error', data={'title': title, 'body': body})


The typ parameter affects how your message is styled. It currently accepts three options:

  • info

  • warning

  • error

The data parameter contains the message to be displayed. It’s represented as a Python dict and requires two inputs,

  • title: The title of your message

  • body: The contents of your message

For more information, see latch.functions.messages under the API docs.